MMDA Warns About 10% Heavier Traffic Due to Christmas Rush

Commuters and motorists are warned about increase in Metro Manila traffic congestion this upcoming weeks. | IMG Source:

Metro Manila traffic is about to get more congested.

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) warned that traffic jams are about to spike by 10 percent. This is due to people rushing to get their shopping done in time for Christmas. 

MMDA spokesperson Melissa Carunungan explained during the Laging Handa Public Briefing the current estimated speed along EDSA is 16 kilometers per hour.

Carunungan compared this to the pre-pandemic estimated speed of only 11 kilometers per hour. “At least we have faster travel speeds even if there are more or equal number of vehicles,” she said.

As of November 24, 417,000 vehicles were estimated to travel along EDSA everyday. This prompted MMDA to remove obstructions along Mabuhay Lanes. These lanes are alternative routes for both motorists and commuters that aim to reduce traffic in Metro Manila. 

MMDA also said that only one lane on both sides of Quezon Avenue will be open during the MMFF Parade of Stars on December 21. E. Rodriguez Avenue will also be closed from 3:30PM to 4:30PM on the said date.

MMDA is currently in coordination with the Quezon City LGU for alternative routes during the Parade of Stars.

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