China’s Top Health Expert Warned of COVID-19 Surge After Easing Health Restrictions 

IMG Source: Reuters

China’s state media reported over the weekend that one of the country’s top health experts warned about a possible surge in COVID-19 cases after the government’s decision to ease its hardline pandemic strategy. 

Establishments in Beijing remain empty as the country anticipates a spike in cases. China’s eased health restrictions entails a reduced scope of mandatory testing, permission to home quarantine, as well as end large-scale lockdowns. 

China’s top epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan said that the Omicron mutation is rapidly spreading across the country. 

The country eased its  “zero-COVID” policy after nationwide protests, economic downfall, and millions in isolation. But now that China is facing another surge, it is not fully equipped to handle the situation as millions of elderly are unvaccinated and hospitals also lack funding. 

Beijing residents rushed to pharmacies to stock up on cold medication and antigen test kits. Some opt to order online from neighboring cities. 

A lot of residents are hesitant to get out of their houses in fear of getting the virus. 

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