Jericho Rosales and Ryan Agoncillo to Star in Erik Matti’s ‘On the Job’ Prequel

Jericho Rosales and Ryan Agoncillo to star in Erik Matti’s ‘On the Job’ prequel. | IMG Source: Erik Matti

Erik Matti is set to direct an ‘On the Job’ prequel written by Michiko Yamamoto. According to Variety, the prequel will star actors Jericho Rosales and Ryan Agoncillo. 

The prequel takes place in a fictional city in Mindanao named La Paz where their corrupt mayor, Pedring Eusebio, gains power. Variety reported that Eusebio’s character started as a member of the New People’s Army but made his way into becoming La Paz’s most feared and influential man. Rosales is set to portray Eusebio. 

Agoncillo is cast as Rene Pacheco. Pacheco is a high-ranking military official who also made his way into politics. Other cast members will be revealed at a later date. 

The project will be under Reality MM Studios, owned by Matti and Ronald Monteverde, with Dino Piacino as cinematographer. The untitled project will start filming in the third quarter of 2023. 

Matti said that the film’s presentation style is inspired by 1970’s Hollywood crime films and rench Jean-Pierre Melville-type cop corruption movies. He said that this prequel is another opportunity to showcase a fresh Filipino crime story that will appeal to an international audience. 

“On the Job” which was released back in 2013 tells a story about prisoners that are temporarily freed and hired as hitmen. It was re-released in September 2022 as a six-part series. Its sequel “On the Job: The Missing 8” premiered in 2021 with its lead star John Arcilla winning the Volpi Cup for Best Actor at the Venice Film Festival.

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