Visitors Locked in Shanghai Disney Due to COVID Case

Visitors were kept from leaving Shanghai’s Disney Resort due to strict “zero COVID” government implementations. | IMG Source: CBS News

SHANGHAI, China — Last Monday, Shanghai’s Disney Resort had to immediately shut down to abide by China’s COVID-19 prevention measures. A positive case was detected in the park so visitors were required to stay until they tested negative from the virus. 

Through their official WeChat account, the Shanghai local government confirmed that visitors were being held from entering and exiting the park’s premises. Surrounding areas such as the shopping street nearby were also shut down.

Over 400,000 people within the vicinity were tested for the virus. The testing lasted until Tuesday.

Shanghai’s health department said that guests were allowed to leave the park by 8:30PM, but a visitor told a news agency that they weren’t let out until 10PM. 

The Chinese government remains firm with its “zero COVID” strategy despite countries around the world easing their health restrictions. This strategy has controlled infection rates but has repeatedly affected businesses due to multiple shutdowns. 

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