Netflix Releases ‘Money Heist Berlin’ Spinoff Show Trailer 

IMG Source: NME

Given the success of the original Money Heist series, which was adapted into a Korean version, the franchise continues to expand. Netflix released the trailer for the Money Heist Berlin spinoff show. 

While the original series focused on The Professor and his team attempting the greatest heist in Spain, the spinoff show takes a closer look into a specific character. The trailer revealed that the show is a prequel that revolves around fan-favorite character Berlin, whose real name is Andrés de Fonollosa. 

The trailer features five new characters alongside Berlin. Their names are Damian, Keila, Cameron, Roi, and Bruce; each character also showed off their personalities in the trailer. Fans also speculate that The Professor will be in the show because he is Berlin’s brother. 

Money Heist Berlin is slated to hit Netflix in 2023. 

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