Chai Fonacier Makes Her Hollywood Debut with ‘Nocebo’ 

Chai Fonacier plays a Filipino caregiver in the thriller Nocebo. | IMG Source: Screenshot from Nocebo Trailer

The trailer for thriller film Nocebo is finally out. It features Filipina actress Chai Fonacier alongside Hollywood actors Eva Green and Mark Strong. 

In the trailer, we are introduced to Eva’s character, a fashion designer, who is battling a strange illness. This seems to intensify upon welcoming a Filipino caregiver, played by Fonacier, into her home. 

The caregiver is met with suspicion by Strong’s character, the husband, and the couple’s daughter. 

During the latter part of the trailer, Fonacier’s character is seen using traditional folk healing to aid her employer. 

The upcoming thriller is directed by Lorcan Finnegan and written by Garret Shanley. 

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