PBBM Wants P203 Billion Unpaid Estate tax Case to be “Opened”

Ferdinand Marcos with son Bong Bong. Source: Malacanang Presidential Library

MANILA, Philippines — President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. stated on Tuesday that his family’s unpaid estate taxes of P203 billion should be “opened,” despite the fact that the Supreme Court already issued a final ruling decades ago.

In December 2021, the Bureau of Internal Revenue demanded payment of the Marcoses’ estate tax liabilities, which had risen from P23 billion in 1997 to P203 billion. Marcos Jr. and Imelda jointly administer this estate.

However, Marcos asserted that he wants the problem to be “resolved” and that they “were never allowed to argue” their side.

“We are actually encouraging that this be finally resolved because I don’t want to make a legal opinion to which I am not qualified,” Marcos said during an interview. 

“We were never allowed to argue because when this case came out, we were all in the US. So when it was the time for us to answer, we had no chance to answer because we were nakakulong (detained) in Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii.”

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

“Open the case and let us argue it… Iisa-isahin namin talaga ‘yung sinasabi nilang property. Kasi hindi maliwanag ang pag-aari ng mga property na sinasabi,” Marcos said.

A decision made by the Supreme Court indicated that the inheritance tax assessment of the Marcoses, which was P23 billion, became “final and executory” in March of 1999.

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