Breaking Inequity, Promoting Inclusivity: Shakey’s to Hire PWDs and Seniors in Manila Stores

Image Source: Shakey’s Philippines

MANILA, Philippines – Beginning this month of September, Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures Inc. is opening job opportunities for senior citizens and persons with disabilities, in the hopes of promoting inclusivity within society.

The company has partnered with the Public Employment Service Office (PESO) to implement the hiring program in the City of Manila. 

1 senior citizen and 1 PWD for every branch in Manila stores are to be hired by the company, which is responsible for the operations of the Shakey’s pizza chain and Peri Peri Charcoal Chicken restaurants.

“Many of the elderly and PWDs have the capability and desire to take an active part in our society through gainful employment but, sadly, are often overlooked, making them a vulnerable sector,” Shakey’s president and CEO Vicente Gregorio said. 

Image Source: Inquirer

The program has been previously launched, but had to take a backseat due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. Now, with the reopening of the economy and good turnout of vaccination, the program has been given the green light for relaunching – a beneficial move for the concerned sectors who are also affected by economic inflation.

Along with this, Shakey’s will again implement their hiring campaign for people with Down Syndrome, in partnership with the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines.

Gregorio said: “Having them [individuals with Down Syndrome] in our stores was a gift. They were having fun, learning, and interacting with our guests. They brought a deeper sense of joy and family to Shakey’s.”

“I firmly believe the private sector has a role to play in breaking cycles of inequity in our society, and inclusive job creation is among them. Employment gives people a sense of dignity, more so for those who are often marginalized and underrepresented,” he added. 

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