ESPN Has A ‘World Excel Championship’ Esport – Yes, As In the Microsoft Office App

Does being bombarded with spreadsheet tasks at work exasperate you? Well, next time you’re working on them, think of it as a training ground that will prepare you to win $10,000 when you win “The World Excel Championships” – yes, it exists!

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The Excel Esport’s ‘ “All-Star Battle” was organized by the Financial Modeling World Cup (FMWC) in collaboration with international cable sports channel ESPN. So, just like other sports broadcasted on the network, the competition was complete with scorecards, game analysis, and live commentators hyping up the spreadsheet action, making it as legit as can be and letting non-Excel experts understand what in the world of mathematical formulas is going on.

The All-Star Battle for The World Excel Championship, which saw Andrew Ngai as the winner

8 competitors participated in the “All-Star Battle” edition of the game. They were comprised of past winners and runners-up of the previous competitions, which have started back in 2020.

The Excel geniuses were given 30 minutes to solve puzzles and cases utilizing their analysis and VLOOKUP skills among others. One task required them to calculate how many points different spins of a free, online slot-machine-like game would generate for players.

If you think your office and those sleepless nights have prepared you for this battle and you have what it takes to win this non-traditional esport (even without caffeine running through your bloodstream), head on over to FMWC’s website to sign up and start practicing with some of the problem solving tasks they have uploaded.

– with reports from LADBible and ARS Technica

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