DOH Sees COVID 19 Surge in Possible Three Scenarios 

MANILA, Philippines — The Department of Health (DOH) has provided scenarios on how and when another COVID-19 surge could occur in the country.

DOH spokesperson Maria Rosario Vergeire cited possible three scenarios:

  1. Suppose no additional variant of concern is detected, but public minimum health standards are not strictly followed, and the record of people getting booster shots continues to drop. In that case, there could be a dramatic increase in cases in October.
  2. If there is a variant of concern transmission, loosened compliance of health protocols, and low updates of people getting booster shots, they are seeing the peak of the virus by the middle of September.
  3. Suppose the variant is highly transmissible and immune escape, lowered public obedience to minimum health protocols, and a low booster shot records. In that case, the surge will be as early as the third week of July until the first week of August. 

According to DOH technical advisory group, even Omicron Sublimeage BA.5 cases in the country are gradually increasing; no community transmission has yet been observed, as they can still see the transmission pattern. 

No lockdown is also expected to be implemented anytime soon as severe illness and deaths due to COVID are still low.

The DOH has ensured that the alert level system of the COVID-19 Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) and other guidelines will still be implemented even after the administration of President-Elect Ferdinand Marcos takes over, not unless the new government changes it. 

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