North Korea Reports Outbreak of Unidentified Intestinal Sickness

North Korea is currently battling an unidentified intestinal sickness. | IMG Source: BBC News

North Korea is currently battling an intestinal disease after their recent Covid wave. Kim Jong-un has given the directive that quarantine measures must be implemented. 

State media also reported that the government sent medical crews and investigators to the area dealing with the outbreak. Medicine was sent to Haeju City to aid patients with “acute enteric epidemic.” South Korean officials suspect that the illness could be typhoid or cholera. 

The North Korean government has not disclosed the total number of people affected by the sickness. They have also yet to report the factors of the illness. 

KCNA also reported that Kim underscored the priority to contain the epidemic through strict quarantine measures, as well as confirming cases through scientific tests and epidemiological examination. 

The country reported 26,010 more citizens with fever symptoms. The current death toll related to the outbreak is at 73 but the World Health Organization fears that it might be much worse. 

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