34% of Filipino Adults Say Quality of Life Worsened

SWS reports that three out of 10 Filipinos felt their quality of life worsened. | IMG Source: Philippine Star

The recent Social Weather Stations poll conducted last April 19 to 27 found that three out of 10 Filipino adults felt that their quality of life worsened during the past year. 

SWS asked 1,440 Filipinos, “Comparing your quality of life these days to how it was 12 months ago, would you say that your life is better now than before, same as before, or worse now than before?”

34% said their quality of life worsened (losers), while 32% of respondents said their quality of life got better (winners). Another 34% said their lives are the same as before. 

The net gainer score – difference between losers and gainers – is -2. SWS reported that this is a fair difference. 

The figure was 14 points higher than the “mediocre” -16 recorded in December of last year. It is still 20 points below the pre-pandemic level of “very high” of +18 logged in December 2019. 

SWS explained that the improvement between December 2021 and April 2022 was due to increases in all areas. 

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