This New Cleaning Solution Not Only Protects You But Also Protects The Environment

As we face the new normal, people acknowledge the significance of frequently disinfecting their homes, offices, schools, and public spaces to protect themselves from COVID-19.

However, certain common cleaning agents may be harmful to the environment and your health. It’s a good thing there are non-polluting alternative disinfecting agents that are safe for the environment and are non-pollutants.

Danolyte is a USA based eco-friendly brand for disinfectants and sanitizers that are EPA-approved and N-listed for use against COVID-19, eliminating and destroying allergens while leaving no harmful chemical residue. It is committed to enhancing human health, wellness, and the environment through its natural cleaning solutions.

What makes it different?

Danolyte’s Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) formula cleans, sanitizes, and disinfects surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals, from homes to hospitals. Its natural elements are sustainable and scientifically proven to be as powerful as synthetic chemicals, if not more so.

A few of their products:

  1. Non-toxic Hand Sanitizer: 20ml
  2. All-Purpose Spray: 500ml
  3. All-Purpose Disinfectant: 5gal
  4. Danolyzer Atomizer: 800ml
  5. On-the-go Spray: 100ml
  6. All-Purpose Disinfectant: IBC Tank
  7. Danolyte® Mist Spray: 300ml
  8. All-Purpose Disinfectant: 1gal
  9. Ultrasonic Humidification: 4.2L

Landers Superstore, one of the Philippines’ fastest-growing large-format shops, launched Danolyte’s eco-friendly disinfectants and sanitizers on September last year, making them readily available to Filipino families.

Green cleaning is beneficial not only to the environment but also to the general public’s health. If we maintain green cleaning practices during the Covid-19, we can be safe against the pandemic, and, so as to help mother earth heal.

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