Independence Day Activity: Learn to Ride a Bike (For Free!) in Pasig City

Image Credit: Pasig Transport FB Page

MANILA, Philippines – Pasig City is giving free bike lessons this June 12, in celebration of Independence Day.

The event will take place at the People’s Street, Emerald Avenue from 7am to 10am.

Cycling advocacy groups Bike Friendly Philippines and Pinay Bike Commuter Community will be facilitating the lessons on how to balance, pedal, and use basic hand signals, among others.

Interested participants need not register, but must wear their face masks and observe proper Covid health protocols.

Looks like there is also no need to worry if you do not own a bike, as Pasig Transport responded “Yes” to a query on their Facebook post asking if there will be bike rentals at Emerald Avenue.

Pasig City had previously conducted other sessions of free bike lessons on March 19 and April 23.

Earlier this year, Rob Siy of Pasig Transport told GMA News Online that “a big motivator to get it (free bike lessons) going quickly was the fast increase in fuel prices due to global crises.”

“But more than that, we’ve always thought that teaching more people how to ride a bike is a critical part of building the constituency for sustainable transportation,” Siy added.

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