DOH Says Nosebleed Fever has a Low Risk of Entering PH 

MANILA, Philippines — On Thursday, the Department of Health appeased anxiety over the virus that causes people to bleed to death will enter the Philippines. 

DOH says CCHF has ‘little to no risk’ of entering the Philippine borders. | IMG Source:

The agency said that they see ‘little to no risk’ of the virus entering the Philippine borders. 

Citing the World Health Organization (WHO), DOH said that the illness known as Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) is present in Africa, the Middle East, Balkan states, and some northern Asian countries. 

The virus is passed on through tick bites or contact with infected animal fluids or tissue. Given that, CCHF is common among those who work in livestock, agriculture, and veterinary. Symptoms include fever, body ache, vomiting, diarrhea, sore eyes, and light sensitivity among others. 

DOH also reported that symptoms are usually treated with general supportive care. The antiviral drug ‘ribavirin’ has also been used to treat the virus. 

This year alone, Iraq reported 19 deaths out of 111 CCHF cases in humans. The virus can cause severe internal and external bleeding especially from the notes. There is currently no vaccine against the virus. 

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