Bea Alonzo Buys an Apartment in Spain

After spending days apartment hunting, Bea Alonzo finally bought an apartment in Spain. 

In her latest vlog, Alonzo shared the reason for her recent trip to Spain. She clarified that it wasn’t for work, but to look for a place she and her family could stay in when they travel to the country. 

Alonzo said that it has always been her dream to own an apartment in Europe. The pandemic made her realize that she should just go for it. 

She shared the entire process with her audience. It started with just canvassing through the internet, followed by budgeting, then finally learning about the nitty-gritty of buying an apartment abroad. 

Alonzo divulged that she has a Golden Visa which instantly grants residency. This ultimately allowed her to make the big purchase, but she clarified that this does not make her a Spanish citizen. 

Throughout the vlog, she walked her audience through six different apartments. She revealed that she bought the one in Chamberi for its charm and interior. 

Alonzo expressed excitement over building a community within the apartment complex. 

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