President Duterte Reiterates Neutrality In Upcoming Presidential Elections

AP Photo/Yong Teck Lim, File

MANILA, Philippines — During PDP-Laban’s campaign rally in Caloocan City on Tuesday, incumbent President Rodrigo Duterte reiterated that he remains ‘neutral’ in the May 9 presidential elections.

This is after PDP-Laban’s Alfonso Cusi endorsed presidential candidate Ferdinand Marcos Jr. at the party’s rally.

According to Duterte, he wants to stay neutral to avoid the suspicion that he uses government funds for a presidential candidate.

“Wala akong presidente na ini-endorse, mas mabuti ‘yan, walang mga kandidato sa pagka-presidente na magduda na ginamit ko ‘yung pera para [sa sinusuportahan ko.”

President RodRigo duterte

(I do not endorse any presidential candidate. That is better, no presidential candidates will doubt if I am using government funds for the president I support.)

“Presidente ako, neutral ako, ang sinasabi ko lang, kayong mga kandidato mapa-PDP man, kaalyado ko, o kalaban na kandidato, ito lang ang hihingin ko sa’yo, aalis na ako, the elections has to be peaceful, must be peaceful,” he added.

(I am the president, I am neutral. All I am saying is, candidates, whether a PDP-Laban, my ally or opponent, this is all I ask of you, I am leaving, the elections have to be peaceful, must be peaceful.)

The Chief Executive had earlier announced his decision not to campaign for any presidential candidate, while he endorsed his daughter’s candidacy, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, for Vice President.

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