‘Excellent’ Bar Passer, A Cancer Survivor

“He made me a testimony that God’s Plan is the Best Plan.”

Image Credit: Atty. Francis Dulay

MANILA, Philippines – Having been diagnosed with colon cancer, finishing law school has not been a smooth-sailing ride for Francis Dulay. However, with much faith and determination, he received a pleasant surprise this year as he was announced as one of the 14 excellent passers of the 2020-2021 Bar exams.

Atty. Francis Roel Legaspi Dulay, a graduate of Ateneo de Davao University, was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2018, during the first semester of his supposedly final year.

His condition forced him to take a leave from school and undergo the necessary surgery to have the tumors removed.

After the procedure, a colostomy bag was attached to his belly, and he needed to undergo another operation due to infection.

The tumor’s biopsy result came back as Mucinous Colorectal Adenocarcinoma Stage 3C, which required chemotherapy – pushing back Dulay’s plan of resuming his final year as soon as possible.

In 2020, a go signal was given for the surgery to have his colostomy bag removed, and he was finally able to go back to school after a 2-year delay.

The setup during this pandemic became a convenience for the recovering law student and he eventually finished law school with his girlfriend, Hannah Dela Cerna, who he met upon his return to schooling.

Dulay credits Dela Cerna, who also successfully made it in the recent Bar exam, for her tremendous efforts in helping him graduate and pass the examination with flying colors.

“She provided me with notes, gave me vitamins and memory boosters; she did everything she could and shared everything she had,” the new attorney said in his Facebook post.

He also expressed utmost gratitude to his family who has always stood by his side especially during his medical condition ordeal, offering great support and prayers for him.

During his interview with ANC Rundown, Dulay said he did not even expect to get a mark above 85%, and said regarding his test result that “it’s all God’s work”.

8,241 passed the Bar exams held last Feb. 4 and 6 out of the 11,402 examinees, recording a 72.28% passing rate.

Instead of the usual announcement of topnotchers, the Supreme Court decided to instead release a list of exemplary passers (761 graduates who scored 85%-90%) and excellent passers (14 graduates who scored above 90%) to give due recognition to all those who deserve it.

As he talked about his journey, Dulay opened his Facebook post saying, “Please let me show off God’s greatness. He made me a testimony that God’s Plan is the Best Plan.”

“School year 2018-2019 was supposed to be my last year in law school. I was supposed to take and pass the November 2019 Bar Examinations. That was my plan. But God made a great revision to my masterplan.”

Attaining his professional license as a certified lawyer may have called for him to take a more challenging road, but the setbacks have surely made his victory more meaningful, knowing that what prevailed was God’s plan.

With renewed faith and wisdom, Dulay wrapped up his appreciation post saying, “Lord, thank you. Please keep ruining my plans. Let your will be done.”

Source: ABS-CBN News

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