MRT-3 to Offer Free Rides From March 28 to April 30

IMG Source: Mark Demayo, ABS CBN News

MANILA, Philippines– After the successful rehabilitation of MRT-3, commuters can expect free rides from the rail system from March 28 to April 30, 2022.

“I’d like to announce that Secretary Tugade decided that the MRT-3 rides will be free (hindi naman forever) from March 28 to April 30, 2022,” President Rodrigo Duterte said.

Department of Transportation Secretary Art Tugade also noted that these free rides are applicable on all stations of the MRT-3 during the covered dates.

Tugade said that the free ride initiative’s objective is to contribute in easing the commuters’ financial burden amid inflations, and surging fuel prices and commodities.

MRT-3’s train cars are also expected to offer more comfortable rides for its passengers as they have been installed with new and fully-functioning air conditioning units.

“The FREE RIDE program of MRT-3 is launched with this objective of showcasing the improved services of the rail line, in order to gain back the public confidence in our mass transportation system,” the MRT-3 management said.

The following upgrades are the results of MRT-3’s rehabilitation:

  • Operational speed: 60 km/hr (previously 25 km/hr)
  • Operational trains: up to 23 trains (previously up to 13 trains only)
  • Headway/Waiting time between trains: as low as 3.5 minutes (previously around 10 minutes)
  • All 72 Light Rail Vehicles have been restored
  • Rail tracks were replaced and rehabilitated
  • Upgrades for the system’s power supply, overhead catenary system, communications and signaling system, stations, depot facilities and equipment were also accomplished

Tugade said that MRT-3’s ridership has improved, hitting 280,000 per day despite the pandemic, and once all 23 trains are set into operation, they hope to see its ridership go up to 600,000 per day.

Sources: Philippine News Agency, Inquirer

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