“We Have Not Seen The Worst of Russia’s War Against Ukraine, We Have To Brace Ourselves” – YACAP

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MANILA, Philippines — YOU Against Corruption and Poverty (YACAP) nominee and Taguig Councilor, Noel R. Dizon said “we have not seen the worst of Russia’s war against Ukraine and we have to brace ourselves.”

“This war can make the poor poorer and the government needs to immediately conduct an IEC – Information, Education and Communication – campaign to prepare Filipinos so we won’t be caught by surprise, especially those already struggling with poverty due to the pandemic,” the YACAP nominee added.

“There is no better protection than to be aware of an imminent problem no matter how confusing it is to most because it’s a war,” Dizon, who is the Chairperson of the Committee on Transportation in the Council of the City of Taguig, remarks.

But the YACAP nominee warns that any disruption to the financial system of a country as big as Russia, which is a central world economy, will impact the daily lives of men in the streets all over the world, including Filipinos, especially the poor.

“World leaders are propping for the uncertainties this war will bring but many agree the worst is yet to come and the individual Pinoy should be made aware so that all will be prepared,” Dizon warns.

Dizon further explains that world economies are already reacting to the rising cost of petroleum products.

He said in the Philippines, the impact will be felt harder after a few months when the forward order of goods or stocks of supplies, which normally last about 6 months, start to dwindle.

“From my years of experience as Chairperson of the Transportation Committee, I know how the rising cost of fuel affects the daily income. While we should be well aware of what is happening in a global scale, we must not forget the individual lives affected by it. Government must ramp up the aid and support to shield drivers from the adverse effect of a volatile global economy. Let us continue to pray that the situation will stabilize and peace be restored,” Dizon explains.

He adds, “Ukraine is among the world’s largest producer of wheat so the cost of bread will also rise and even if we don’t directly get oil from Russia, the reaction of banks allied to Ukraine will have a bearing to the world supply and the local market will feel that negative impact in a few months.”

Other than the most important and critical efforts of the government in bringing home to safety Filipino OFWs in Ukraine, Dizon feels there is an immediate need to bring everyone up to speed and to understand the basic language of the economics of this war, educate and inform the citizens, particularly the poor so we are all aware and will be economically armed and ready.

“Knowing what’s going on around the economic playing field will give the people a sense of individual control to be able to protect the family and that’s better than being caught unaware,” Dizon ends.

Yacap partylist, No. 26 in the ballots, is seeking to be elected this coming May. Former Congresswoman Carol Jayne Lopez is the first nominee; with Jose Mari Oquieñena as 2nd nominee; and Noel R. Dizon, 3rd nominee.

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