BBM-Sara Duterte Campaign Rally in Antique Postponed

Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. and Sara Duterte’s campaign rally scheduled for February 24 in Antique was rescheduled. Several residents, including the son of late Evelio Javier, took to social media their objection about the rally. 

Geoffrey Tinamisan, Uniteam Antique coordinator, confirmed with Inquirer that the rally has been postponed, but he did not divulge details as to why. 

BBM-Duterte campaign rally in Antique postponed as residents express their disgust. | IMG Source: Philippine Star

The rally was supposed to be held in Evelio B. Javier Freedom Park in San Jose. The park’s namesake is the former Antique governor who was shot on February 11, 1986 by heavily armed men.

Javier served as the director of Aquino’s campaign in the 1986 snap elections against BBM’s father, then President Ferdinand Marcos. 

Antiqueños and Ilonggos conveyed disgust that the rally would take place in the park where Javier was shot. Javier is considered a significant figure in Antique and his death anniversary is a special non-working holiday in Panay Island. 

They were also dismayed that the rally would be held while the country will be commemorating the 36th anniversary of the EDSA Revolution. 

Gideon, Evelio’s son, said that holding the rally in the park where his father was killed was “insulting” to his family and the rest of Antique. 

In a phone interview with the Inquirer, he expressed his repulse saying, “Are they that insensitive or are they too drunk with power? I know a lot of Antiqueños are disgusted.”

He agreed with the suspension and said that Filipino citizens will need to fight to preserve the country’s democracy soon. 

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