Couple’s Filipino Sorbetes A Success In Belgium

Can you guess the unique flavor they’re offering this Valentine season?

Pastry Chef Jelle Bories with the kariton-inspired ice cream cart/bike of Sorbetes ni Manong Jelle | IMG Source: Sorbetes ni Manong Jelle

Sorbetes ni Manong Jelle can be seen roaming the city of Sint Niklaas, with its easy-to-spot ice cream kariton – a unique sight for Belgian locals.

Meet the Owners

IMG Source: Sorbetes ni Manong Jelle

Kamille Rodriguez Bories is a licensed Filipina nurse who tried her luck in Belgium in 2013, taking advantage of the shortage of nurses in the foreign country.

Meanwhile, Jelle Bories is a pastry chef in Belgium.

Already established in their respective careers, the couple met through a dating website, eventually married, and are now proud parents of two beautiful children.

The Bories family | IMG Source: Sorbetes ni Manong Jelle Facebook Page

How the Business Started

The couple bought a machine to churn out homemade ice cream that allows Chef Jelle to have more control of the flavors.

This served as a family bonding activity, and Kamille thought of incorporating Filipino flavors into the ice cream, as a way to remind her of her hometown.

Chef Jelle then experimented with different flavors like durian and ube (the bestseller), which Kamille loved.

Friends and family also highly approved of the product and encouraged them to sell it to the other locals and kababayans.

Thus, in July 2020, Sorbetes ni Manong Jelle started putting smiles on people’s faces as they got a taste of the unique flavors of the Philippines, made with passion.

IMG Source: Sorbetes ni Manong Jelle Facebook Page

Imparting Their Love for the Filipino culture

Staying true to their slogan, “We can bring you back to the island”, Sorbetes ni Manong Jelle uses high quality ingredients to produce authentic Filipino flavors.

Their official website states, “Sorbetes ni Manong Jelle ice creams are all made from scratch (with love) and are crafted with only the highest quality ingredients perfected by nature. We strictly use all organic fresh milk, cream, cane sugar, and egg yolks – giving you the finest and cleanest flavors.”

Check out these photos from Sorbetes ni Manong Jelle Facebook Page to see the unique and exciting Pinoy flavors they have offered:

The ice cream business has also been noticed by the Philippine Embassy in Belgium for their efforts in promoting the Philippine cuisine in Belgium.

Aside from sorbetes, they also offer ice cream cakes like frozen brazo de Mercedes, mango tres leches, and this genius-of-a-creation halo-halo ice cream cake.

IMG Source: Sorbetes ni Manong Jelle

And for this Valentine season, they are offering a limited edition of their Honey Sampaguita flavor – an interesting combination of romantic, delicate sweetness.

Sorbetes ni Manong Jelle continues to innovate ideas that please and surprise the Belgian palate.

Aside from being their source of income, the Bories family – with their passion, dedication and great teamwork – continue to showcase the Filipino culture and bring their kababayans closer to home through their artisan ice cream.

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