Manila Cancels Chinese New Year Festivities

MANILA, Philippines –In a Facebook Live on Tuesday, Manila Mayor Isko Moreno announced Executive Order No. 11. This E.O. is on “canceling all activities in relation to the celebration of the Chinese or Lunar New Year in the entire Binondo Chinatown area.” 

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno enforces an EO prohibiting Lunar New Year festivities in Binondo, Manila. | IMG Source: Manila Standard

This order affects as many as 20 barangays in total.

Moreno also appealed to the Filipino-Chinese community to prohibit from allowing dragon dances and setting off fireworks. The Mayor also banned the selling of alcohol from January 31 to February 1. 

Moreno called on barangay officials to implement the EO in their respective areas. 

The move to cancel festive activities is due to the number of rising active cases of COVID-19 in Manila. 

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