MERALCO To Apply Lower Rates This January

MANILA, Philippines – Lower rates for the first month of 2022 can be expected by MERALCO’s consumers.

A downward rate adjustment of ₱0.0746 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) will be applied this month, leading to January’s overall rate of ₱9.7027 per kWh.

Below are the corresponding reductions for households according to their power consumption.

  • 200 kWh = ₱15
  • 300 kWh = ₱22
  • 400 kWh = ₱30
  • 500 kWh = ₱37

MERALCO Spokesman Joe R. Zaldarriaga stated the lower electricity rates this January are due to the lower generation charges from its suppliers this month. He said, “It decreased by around 11 centavos per kWh on the back of lower costs from our Power Supply Agreements [PSAs] and Independent Power Producers [IPPs], which more than offset the higher charges from the Wholesale Electricity Market [WESM].”

Though WESM charges went up by ₱0.8511 per kWh because of the higher average capacity for the power outage in the Luzon grid, a drop in the PSA and IPP rates compensate for this.

PSA rates are down by ₱0.3475 per kWh, while IPP rates are down by ₱0.0543 per kWh. These, due to excess energy deliveries of AC Energy plants and lower coal prices.

Sources: CNN Philippines, Rappler, Business Mirror

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