Testing Czar and Baguio City Mayor Eye Covid-19 Self-test Kits

MANILA, Philippines — Benjamin Magalong, Mayor of Baguio City, is pressing for antigen self-test kits to hasten detection of COVID-19 given the threat of the Omicron variant. He assures that this is the safest way people can get tested without going to health facilities. 

Baguio’s Public Information Office (PIO) released that an “easy-to-use home testing method” is tentatively scheduled to launch this coming week. 

Baguio City Mayor is pushing for self-test kits amid the threat of Omicron variant. | IMG Source: Inquirer.net

Magalong said, “Our city could be the pilot site for these do-it-yourself testing kits that are widely used in the US, Canada, Europe, and Singapore.” He also shared that testing czar Vince Dizon seconds the plan. 

When asked about the possibility of self-test kits, Dizon expressed support. He said that it is important for citizens to hold responsibility when it comes to testing themselves, the same way citizens do in other countries. 

Dizon highlighted that the Philippines’ health experts are currently analyzing the provision of using at-home kits. 

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