Nadine Lustre Ushers in the Future of Philippine Music with ENTER.AUDIO

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Twelve years into show business, Nadine Lustre has definitely earned a spot as one of this generation’s brightest stars. Not only has she proved her range as an actress by winning several awards, but she has also showcased immense skill as a singer, musician, and entrepreneur. Even with all these under her belt, Nadine is nowhere near being done.

The arrival of ENTER.AUDIO in the country aims to equalize the creation of art and music. This is done by propping Filipinos to earn by either investing or creating on the NFT platform. Through this new income stream, people can earn passively and secure more savings. 

Now, Nadine ventures into the world of audio NFT landscape with ENTER.AUDIO, paving the way for Filipino artists to explore the wonders of NFT. 

This is the type of technology Nadine is spearheading as she dropped her own NFT last November 11 on ENTER.AUDIO. ENTER.AUDIO provides a quick and easy service that welcomes both new and established musicians. Through the platform, they can sell audio NFTs and have as much as 20% in royalties – allowing an increase in income and higher art valuation. ENTER.AUDIO promises transparency between the musicians and the platform itself.


What are NFTs? Why ENTER.AUDIO?

NFT (non-fungible tokens) expanded the bounds of cryptocurrency as it is a purely digital phenomenon. Digital collectibles are labelled with their own unique code that serves as a permanent record of its authenticity. Once it is created, it can never be destroyed. As such, NFTs allow digital collectibles to be bought and sold. This type of digital avenue allows for the safer trade of musicians’ limited edition releases. 

Nadine Lustre ENTER.AUDIO
Wait for me- Nadine Lustre

Nadine chose ENTER because it provides a wide range of features that empowers Filipinos to create, invest, and earn through a reliable NFT platform. ENTER, founded in Norway, was developed by a diverse group of blockchain enthusiasts, artists, musicians, and developers. Their mission is to gift creators a secure and attainable tool that allows them to turn their work into NFTs. ENTER solves the issues of devaluation and bidding in the creative industry. 

Artists and musicians have long witnessed the pain of how their digital creations can be easily replicated. With ENTER, creations will now have their permanent stamp of authenticity as proof of one’s ownership. All these individual stamps are tracked, thus ensuring the legitimacy of digital goods. 

Curious about owning your own NFT? Here are the quick and easy steps to owning one like Nadine Lustre’s audio. 

1: Create a crypto wallet like MetaMask.

2: Go to to buy NFTART tokens easily with your bank card or crypto.

3: Buy NFT on /

Stay tuned about ENTER.AUDIO and how they continue to revolutionize our local creative industry. Visit www.ENTER.ART and follow @enterNFT on Instagram and Twitter. Find out all the awesome things people say through #enterAudio #enterNFT #enterArt. 

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