LTFRB Discusses Subsidy Program For Jeepney Drivers

On Wednesday, LTFRB began distributing fuel subsidies worth 1 billion pesos to 136,000 jeepney franchise holders. This is to support jeepney drivers to tackle rising gasoline prices and income constraints brought by the pandemic. Beneficiaries received aid from the Land Bank of the Philippines distributed cash cards. 

LTFRB NCR Director Atty. Zona Tamayo said that out of the 1 billion budget, as much as 562 million pesos have already been claimed. LTFRB also stressed that the cash card can only be used to purchase fuel for the registered vehicle. 

LTFRB discusses long-term fuel subsidy program next year for jeepney drivers. | IMG Source: Bloomberg

Seeing the success of this initial subsidy program, LTFRB is now discussing its long-term potential. This was announced on Thursday, together with a warning for drivers to only spend the subsidy on fuel purchases. 

Tamayo stated that they didn’t want to flag cash cards for misuse as they’re aiming for a longer subsidy program for next year. Drivers might also receive a suspension or have their franchises suspended for card misuse. 

The present program gives jeepney drivers a one-time aid of 7,200 pesos. Drivers can only buy fuel from the following participating outlets – Petron, Shell, Seaoil, Caltex, Unioil, Jetti, Total, Rephil, and Petro Gazz. 

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