What’s the SKOOP?

Photo Courtesy of SKOOP

Each noteworthy story of gained success has gone through its fair share of peaks and valleys. SKOOP founders Dominic Yu and Sharraine Murayama are testament to the value of grit, passion, and hard work.

SKOOP’s Sharraine Murayama and Dominic Yu | IMG Source: Instagram @micviyu

Before they amassed a cult following for their apparel, SKOOP humbly began with a failure. It was in the form of the duo’s first attempt to establish a brand called FEF (Fitness EDM and Festivals) Clothing. With the zeal for improvement to pursue their dreams – attributes they hope to impart with their customers – the duo overhauled their brainchild and birthed SKOOP.

Behind the scene photos at the Skoop Kommunity warehouse | Image courtesy of Skoop
Behind the scene photos with Skoop creatives | Image courtesy of Skoop

As SKOOP envisions itself to become a premier fashion brand that showcases great Filipino talent, their clothes are marked with signature designs you can’t take for anyone else’s. The brand’s definitive fashion has been successful as they offer a wide range of products from graphic tees to hoodies and bucket hats to stickers. These range of products resonate with today’s culture and lifestyle, and most especially their customers.

Photo on left: Flat layouts of 2 out of 17 designs for Pokemon collection by Skoop | Image courtesy of Skoop

Now, SKOOP has come out with their most awaited collaboration to date. Their Pokemon Collection. This hit all the right marks with flair and nostalgia. This well thought out collection checks all the boxes that make a line legendary. The shirts feature crowd favorite Pokemons and niche references that make them eye-catching and timeless.

Their careful designs allow room for customers to make these pieces truly their own. SKOOP gives them the freedom to style these shirts into statement pieces, to dress it up or down, or channel their childhood dreams to be a Pokemon Trainer.

Aiming to pierce through a wider audience, this collection that identifies across cultures is surely promising. Looking back through this childhood favorite and molding it into something worn inspires customers to come back to that childlike curiosity and thought exploration.

As Yu and Murayama continue to build, refine, and propel their brand, SKOOP is definitely set for global recognition. Their perseverance is testament to how learning from setbacks builds character and success. As Yu inspires aspiring entrepreneurs when he says “Don’t Stop,” we’re fairly certain that there’s no stop in sight for SKOOP.

Shop all four jerseys at Skoop’s online store, The Nines, Urban Athletics, Toby’s, and Bratpack. To know more about the brand, visit their Official WebsiteInstagram and Facebook pages. 

Words By: Stacey Renei
Edited By: Christina Salazar

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