SWS Survey Shows Fewer Filipinos See Quality of Life Improving

The Social Weather Survey (SWS) conducted a survey and found that fewer Filipinos believe their quality of life will improve in the next 12 months. 

Fewer Filipinos are optimistic that their quality of life will improve within the next 12 months. | IMG Source: CNN Philippines

The recent survey was conducted over September 12-16 and results were released Wednesday night. Out of the 1,2000 adult respondents, a measly 33% were optimists who believed their lives would get better within the year. This was four points lower than the 37% positivity rate obtained last June. 

7% of respondents expected their quality of life to worsen while 45% presume that it will remain the same. 14% of respondents declined to answer the question. 

The prior survey conducted last June concluded a “very high” “net optimism” score of +30. This has since dropped to +26 yielding only a “high” remark. Net optimism score is calculated by subtracting the number of respondents who said their lives would worsen in the next 12 months from those who said the contrary. 

Compared to last June, the latest results showed a unanimous decline in net optimism from residents in Luzon, but it increased in Visayas and Mindanao. 

The country recorded its lowest net optimism score last May 2020. This was mainly due to the pandemic/ 24% expected their lives to improve while 43% believed the opposite. June 2020 showed a slight improvement with 26% seeing a better life and 36% believing otherwise. 

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