Filipinos Can Expect Cooler Days Ahead 

The Philippines can expect rainfall and cold days in the following months. It is the beginning of the monsoon season. 

The Philippines can expect rainfall and cold air in the coming months. | IMG Source: PAGASA

“Surges of cold temperatures may be expected in the coming months,” Vicente Manalo said. The Deputy Administrator of PAGASA, explained that the northeast monsoon would bring in cooler air over Northern Luzon in the coming months. He adds that this is also why PAGASA has recently recorded cool surface air temperatures in parts of Luzon. 

PAGASA also advised caution due to concurrent La Niña. The northeast monsoon could cause heavy rainfalls that lead to flash floods and landslides. “All concerned government agencies and the public are advised to take precautionary measures.” 

In recent years, the final quarter of the year has the strongest typhoons. The northeast monsoon lasts from October to February. 

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