Pharmally’s Mago Retracts Her Statement

MANILA, Philippines — Pharmally Executive, Krizle Grace Mago, declared on Monday that she was pressured during her statement at the Senate inquiry. The said statement was Mago’s disclosure that Pharmally ‘swindled’ the government by tampering with face shield certification. 

Mago recants and negates in her most recent hearing | IMG Source: Manila Bulletin

“Given the level of pressure I was under and the rush of emotions associated with the allegations and my subsequent admission, I was not in the best frame of mind to think clearly.” Mago divulged to the House Committee on Good Government. She continues on to say “after the Senate hearing, I realized that the delivered items had not been inspected yet and, as a result, had not been allocated and distributed to the end-users. Additionally, we did not receive any payment from the government for the partial delivery. Thus, I hope that this statement clarifies the situation.” 

Aligned with her recantation, Mago also negated the claims made by Senator Hontiveros’s witness. The unidentified individual remains firm in his testimony that face shields delivered by Pharmally had tampered expiry dates. 

Mago pushed, “Contrary to the allegations made, these damaged items are immediately segregated subject to proper disposal, and therefore excluded from delivery.” 

Amidst all of her repeals, Mago also revealed that she tested positive for COVID-19 in the middle of hearings. She aired how the intensity of investigations has taken a toll on her mental health as she also received harassing messages. Mago closed by expressing her gratitude for the House of Representatives for allowing her to speak and ensuring her protective custody. 

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