Super Duper: The Most Soothing Candle for a Cozy Night In

Let serenity and calm positivity waft in your space

Throughout the (still ongoing) pandemic, we have seen a lot of fads surrounding self-care and home improvement. Despite numerous passing trends, there is a genius that has successfully become a cult classic – scented candles.

Scented candles present the perfect meld of elevating your home’s environment while taking care of oneself. The niche industry is nurtured worldwide; and it is with great pride that one of the best candle brands is homegrown in the Philippines.

During the onset of the pandemic, a couple found their mission to help provide a sense of calmness amidst the spread of the virus. In the face of unprecedented challenges, they found aromatherapy the greatest way to elicit a sense of peace and comfort at home. And what better way to refresh our physical space and stir our olfactory sense than scented candles? So in a humble abode in Quezon City, Super Duper was created.

Super Duper scented candles are made of 100% natural soy wax. This is an eco-friendly variant (yay!) with a cleaner burn. The natural component also lasts way longer (yay again!) than its paraffin wax candle counterpart. Super Duper’s dedication to all things eco-friendly extends to their packaging as they use corrugated boxes made of used papers.

Love also flows deep in Super Duper as each and every candle is hand poured. To guarantee that each customer is breathing in beneficial and natural ingredients, Super Duper only uses real flowers and essential oils for the fragrance.

Super Duper candles will definitely furnish your home with aesthetics and aromatherapy. Their scented candles will have serenity wafting in your home just in time for a cozy night in.

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