Beyond Testing: Taking The Lab To You

Providing convenient health choices for Filipinos

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Back in the 1930s, physician house calls made up 40% of physician-patient engagements. During the late 20th century, this method of practice became out-dated and was soon replaced with office-centered medicine and many other health systems.

Today, due to the pandemic, physician house calls are making a comeback but with a modern take. It addresses the problems of our health seeking behaviors, such as long waiting times in the hospitals with high risk of contamination and costly bills which include emergency and testing fees. Modern physician house calls is a feasible alternative for our patient’s health needs during these trying times — all in the safety of their own homes.

In addition to that, appointments and physician consultations can now be done via smartphones or app-based calls. This gives each patient the choice to take control of their health while saving money and more importantly, their time.

A team that goes beyond the call

Left to Right : The Beyond Testing Team: Justine Felizarta (Chief of Communications), Jhon Benjie Sadac (Chief of Marketing), Dr. KC Halili (CEO/Chairman)

Beyond Testing is an on-demand mobile testing and medical consultation provider. They deliver COVID-19 tests, medical consultations and minor treatments to you or your client’s homes and offices.

With their organized and efficient system that minimizes business and operational disruption of their clients, this medical team has been providing monthly corporate testing for 100-400 employees.

This medical mobile service company empowers patients to stay healthy by making quality healthcare services accessible as well as providing a response to the personal and professional needs of their clients.

Personal & Corporate Services

Bringing health services to their clients and providing convenient choices for filipinos is their top priority. With that in mind, Beyond Testing puts careful and quality patient care at the forefront as they only use US and PH FDA authorized test kits and only partners with DOH accredited molecular laboratories.

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