Advocally: Playing It Forward

Ever resilient, Filipino artists work to survive and help others, amidst a country grappling with a pandemic and changing government regulations.

Even early into the declared community quarantine in Luzon, Filipinos in the arts industry had already begun feeling the economic effect of the pandemic. A year and a half later, we still find ourselves wrapped up in uncertainty, still trying to find ways and means to contain the virus and at the same time, keep our economy afloat.

Even though numbers give a bird’s eye view of the staggering effect of Covid-19 on the arts industry, the reality lies in the stories of artists living it. According to a press statement from the National Live Events Coalition Philippines (NLECPh), “We were the first to feel the impact of the crisis. Combined, approximate lost gross [revenue] is P132.83 billion with combined 400,000 jobs lost (approximate). We may be the last to go back.”

Photo by: JB De Leon of Happy Studios

While creativity is the life blood for artists, many have felt the need to push creative boundaries during the quarantine. A group of artists decided to think of innovative ways to promote the industry and showcase local artists that advocate for beneficial causes.The idea started over a group conversation between Singer/songwriter Abby Asistio and fellow creatives from Happy Studios PH. 

“Since traditional live concerts weren’t happening in today’s world of fear, unease and social distancing, we felt that virtual  concerts would provide a sense of comfort and connection during uncertain, and challenging times.  We thought of facilitating a concert that doesn’t only focus on entertaining the audience but making sure that we are making an impact by amplifying the Artists/ Musician’s voices.”


Thus, Advocally was born.

During trying times like this, it is important to show support for your family, loved ones and your community. The team behind Advocally echoed this statement saying “Our goals are to support local talents, provide means of making ends meet for creatives while helping in spreading awareness of their advocacy.” Fueled by passion, the team behind Advocally created a platform that will help people and amplify artist’s voices as their advocacy becomes Advocally’s advocacy.

This September, Advocally presents their first digital concert directed by JB de Leon of Happy Studios, and Co-founder of Advocally with artist: Abby Asistio– who is not just your ordinary singer/songwriter but is also the Founder, and President for Alopecia Philippines. Alopecia is an autoimmune disease where your immune system attacks your hair follicle and causes hairloss. And as we celebrate Alopecia Awareness this month, this production could not have come at a better time.

Photo by: JB De Leon of Happy Studios
Photo by: JB De Leon of Happy Studios

“Our friend, Abby Asistio who is battling with Alopecia, thought that this is the perfect way to share awareness to all people suffering from Alopecia and let them know that there is a support system that people can relate to and will encourage them to reach new heights.”

advocally team

So what can the viewers expect during the concert? 

Abby Asistio is definitely going to deliver an exceptional performance that aims to touch the viewers’ hearts as Advocally entertains, encourages, lifts and spreads positive energy as we continue fighting to make the world a more inclusive, accepting place.  

Watch Abby Asistio together with Advocally play it up this Saturday, September 18. Check out their facebook page and follow their instagram @advocally for more information and updates.

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