I Tried Rosie Posie Skincare for Two Weeks and My Skin Has Never Felt This Healthy

I take pride in taking care and maintaining myself. No matter how cliche and superficial it sounds to others, my skincare routine plays an important part of my day-to-day life. However, as I entered the real world and started working, taking up freelance side hustles, and opening my own business, it’s been a constant struggle for me to go through my extensive skincare routine that used to have 7-10 steps – yes! My skincare used to be that long. Luckily, I found Rosie Posie Kit.

Every morning, I make the effort to wake up hours earlier before class for my self-care ritual: prepare breakfast with good iced coffee, take a shower, skincare, play music, read a few pages from a new book, then go on with my hectic schedule: teach, write, and work on other side hustles while growing my small business.

As a self-proclaimed go-getter, the Rosie Posie Kit has not only helped me achieve healthier looking skin but has also helped me simplify my self-care ritual.

Note: My skincare is a combination of oily and dry. As a general rule in skincare: what works for me might not work for you! So I am speaking based on MY own experience.

My current skincare and makeup routine using the Rosie Posie Kit:

  1. 1. Rosie Posie Bubble Belle – Morning and Night

With Kojic Acid, salicylic acid, tea tree oil, the Rosie Posie Bubble Belle serves as a gentle exfoliator and whitening cleanser. I currently don’t have time to add my masks and serums so the Rosie Posie Bubble Belle soap has been extremely helpful in eliminating my whiteheads and clearing my acne marks.

As a tip, use an ample amount and gently and kindly massage it into your face. With any product you put on your face, always use soft and gentle hands. Do not scrub too much as it could irritate your skin — this advice goes for all kinds of skincare products on your face.

2. Rosie Posie Misty Miss – Morning and Night

The Rosie Posie Misty Miss is a great find for me and is my personal favorite in the kit.  It’s a great starter and prep before applying on makeup as it leaves my skin feeling fresh and supple. Personally, I use my hands when I apply toner! (Something I picked up from watching Korean Dramas!) I put some product on the palms of my hands and gently tap it on my skin to prep.

  1. 3. Rosie Posie Sunrise Gel – Morning

SPF is something you should never skip. In my opinion, you can miss out on all products in the morning but SPF is a skincare step that I never skip – even when I work from home.

I like Rosie Posie’s gel because it blends in my skin tints well and does not leave that white cast which is why this is truly a hidden gem. (My complexion is fair with a slightly warm undertone so if you have a similar skin tone, this product will work magically for you too!) I am constantly on the hunt for good SPFs – local and international, and Rosie Posie gel I would say is a hidden gem.

  1. 4. Rosie Posie Glitter Goddess – Night Time

(sometimes, I put this one under my make up for my skin to glow!)

My holy grail. Life hack: mix this product with your foundation for that dewy, Korean-like texture. I know that this product was made for night time but I personally use this in the morning too. I mix it with my foundation and BB cream of choice to make my skin look healthy and fresh throughout the day. It does NOT feel oily and sticky AT ALL.

Not to mention, Rosie Posie’s Glitter Goddess has my all-time favorite skincare ingredient: NIACINAMIDE! The Glitter Goddess leaves my skin feeling plump, glowing, and luxurious for an affordable price.

For two weeks, my experience using Rosie Posie has not only helped my skin glow better but it has also helped me simplify my life. As a busy girl, constantly craving for something to do, I love that Rosie Posie allowed me to have more time for both work and self-care.

Take care and invest in yourselves by getting the whole kit (Rosie Posie Kit) that includes all products! It’s now available on Shopee. 

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