Hanap Habi, Triple A Label And Delilah Lifestyle: Local Brands That Champion Filipino Craftsmanship

Now more than ever, people have begun to understand the importance of sustaining local. Amid the pandemic, Filipinos have turned to each other and continued to uplift SMEs, local businesses, and local craftsmanship. 

This month, we turn our sights towards three local brands who stand at the forefront of the preservation, promotion, and enhancement of Philippine textiles — Hanap Habi, Triple A and Delilah Lifestyle. 

Hanap Habi

Hanap Habi gears towards the promotion of traditional Filipino weaving culture and artistry through its array of garments made of expertly woven fabrics from local hand weavers.

This Filipina lifestyle brand highlights the beauty and versatility of Cordillera weaves. 

The brand took its name from the local language “hanap-buhay” (livelihood) as weaving is a main source of livelihood for women weavers in Benguet Province. 

It also represents the materials used for their products: “mga nahanap at mga hinabi,” wherein the  brand partners with weaving communities and home-based sewers to upcycle old clothes, fabric scraps, and deadstock fabrics.

Hanap Habi is indeed a fashion line with a purpose as talented artisans were given opportunities that can improve their livelihoods during the pandemic.

Their products are available on Hanap habi’s website, Instagram account and Facebook account.

Triple A Label

The Triple A Label gears towards becoming a channel to help people express themselves.

Driven by their vision of promoting strength and empowerment through authentic self-expression, the brand believes in the ability to dress up or dress down — mixing and matching pieces together to express one’s unique style.

Finding the right people with the same vision is no easy feat. However, Triple A’s founder, Angeli Abelo was fortunate enough to have close friends who shared the same values as she did . Together with her team, Angeli was able to overcome struggles throughout the years, proving that experience is the best teacher.

Photo By: John Llamas
Photo Courtesy of the Model: Maria Isabela Galeria

With the right amount of passion and determination, The Triple A label made their debut with their collection, Crossroads, in July 2019.

The designer’s fascination for city life was used as the main theme for the Crossroads collection, Inspired by the interwoven roads and the life to be found on its side, the brand made use of solihiya like patterns and earth tones that signified the sense of being grounded and staying true to our roots.

Triple A Label continues to stay true to their tagline “telling stories one garment at a time” as they launch their second collection, Insoul. The collection is inspired by the vast sky and its hues that symbolize serenity and calmness while providing mobility and comfort through their designs.

Overall, the collections play an instrumental role in forming a tangible translation of stories, and creating wearable narratives. From couture and custom pieces to versatile essentials, the Triple A label continues to expand as they collaborate with sewers in efforts to provide a means of living amid the pandemic.

To view Triple A Label’s collections, visit their instagram account and their facebook page.

Delilah Lifestyle

Established in August 2020, Delilah Lifestyle is a Davao-based accessories shop that specializes in mask holders made from natural materials such as wooden beads, shells, pearls, and crystals.

What sets them apart as a brand is the material of their mask straps which are made of natural materials such as wooden beads, shells, pearls, and crystals sourced from Davao.

This social enterprise collaborates with a displaced seamstress in the outskirts of Davao by ordering masks from them to give as a freebie when customers purchase their mask straps.

Delilah Lifestyle’s products are available on their Instagram account @delilahph_, Frankie and Friends General Store’s website www.frankiegeneralstore.com, as well as physical stores: Humble Market in 2nd floor Glorietta 2, Makati and Chimes Boutiques, Davao City.

As more designers commit to uphold tradition, these local brands have successfully reignited, in the hearts of today’s generation, a sense of nationalistic pride. Moreover, they have come to understand the role that they play as they adhere to the basic requirement of positive environmental impact in the ecosystem of fashion.

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