Japan, UK And US Demonstrate Naval Strength In The Philippine Sea Amid Tensions In The Indo-Pacific Region

MANILA, Philippines – The United Kingdom, United States together with Japan conducted joint drills in the Philippine Sea, showing military strength amid tensions in the Indo-Pacific region

The UK Carrier Strike Group’s warships, led by the 65,000-ton aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth was joined by the USS America-led United States Expeditionary Strike Group 7, said the UK Royal Navy on Thursday.

Both UK and US flew three squadrons of F-35B jets over the Philippine Sea. The joint air drills were conducted for 48 “continuous” hours, the Royal Navy said.

The Royal Navy said they were also joined by two ships from Japan’s Maritime Self Defense Force for maritime exercises.

“Conducting exercises with ships of the Japan Maritime Self Defence Force and the US Expeditionary Strike Group 7 is another milestone for HMS Queen Elizabeth,” said Capt. Angus Essenhigh, commanding officer of the UK’s most powerful naval ship.

“We have shown our ability to work with our allies and as we get accustomed to operating in the Indo-Pacific again these relationships will be important for all future Royal Navy ships operating in the region.”

The three countries’ “demonstration of naval might in the Philippine Sea” lasted 12 days, the Royal Navy said.

“By conducting this joint exercise we have demonstrated the UK’s commitment to the Indo-Pacific – an area critical to global peace and prosperity – and the Royal Navy’s flexibility and ability to work with the UK’s allies and partners in the region,” it said.

The joint military drills by the three countries came amid regional disputes between China and its regional neighbors, including the Philippines, over claims in the South China Sea.

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