Did Someone Just Say Guilt-Free Cookie Butter Ice Cream?

Yes you heard that right! Alt Scoops, the oat-milk-powered ice cream brand just launched what they’re calling  their most addictive flavor yet: Cookie Butter, and at less than a hundred calories per  serving (97 calories, to be exact)! 

Image courtesy of Alt Scoops

When Cookie Butter aka Speculoos took the world by storm, it was everywhere — cakes, shakes, ice cream, you name it! Since then, people’s relationship with it has been on-and-off, not by choice—but instead, because well, though consuming it daily was sure to bring joy, it also brought a slight tinge  of guilt. But all of that is about to change.

What if we told you you can have your cake and eat it too? Without being guilty of course.

Up and coming ice cream brand Alt Scoops is the game changer we’ve all been waiting for. Just imagine the  same Cookie Butter we all know and love, but in guilt-free ice cream form! The appetite for these tiny biscuits truly is never ending, why not make this indulgent treat a little  less sinful for Cookie Butter lovers everywhere?

Fans of Cookie Butter (both closeted and proud) will surely enjoy this new flavor. Alt Scoops’s signature creamy base with generous helpings of cookie butter spread and crumbs. Each scoop promises that warm, fuzzy feeling you get upon tasting Cookie Butter’s hints of gingerbread,  cinnamon, and butter combined. All that goodness complemented by the smooth, creamy flavor of oat milk.  

“We’re jumping into the Cookie Butter bandwagon, but making it our own. We stand for oat milk powered  ice cream as a brand, and we stand for desserts that taste good and make you feel good too, so we really  hope people like our version of this flavor. It’s indulgent yet guilt-free,” shares Alt Scoops co-founder  Jefferson Ong. 

Image courtesy of Alt Scoops

These mind-blowing flavors come in sizes: 16oz and 4oz and starts at only  P350 per pint. The reason why it is actually guilt free is because it is made 100% vegan — changing every definition you have of ice cream. Every pint is made with only the freshest and highest  quality ingredients allowing each scoop to feel silky and soft, but incredibly rich – really allowing the  wonders of oat milk to shine through.  

Hygge Bev Co, the company behind the Swedish wonder Oatly, launched Alt Scoops in March 2021 with 4 distinct flavors: Dark Chocolate, Strawberry, Burnt Caramel  with Roasted Pecans, and Choco Hazelnut. Since then, they’ve grown to 8 flavors: Their Barista Series  just launched this May with 2 flavors, Dark Mocha and Cappuccino Crunch, and recently added Oat Milk  Swirl and now—Cookie Butter. 

Dark Chocolate 

Everyone’s favorite with the goodness of oat milk. Made with Auro’s award winning couverture 77% dark chocolate, this rich and powerful combination is  crafted from the finest single origin cacao beans sourced directly from local  Davao farmers.  

Oat Milk Swirl 

A decadent yet simple combination of oat milk and fine, irregular shavings of  Auro’s award-winning couverture 77% dark chocolate. You won’t want to miss out on the duo we’re calling the Alt Stracciatella. 


Nearly half of this pint is composed of freshly and locally sourced Cordillera  strawberries. Each one harvested by hand when they were perfectly ripe.  

Dark Mocha 

Delicious decadence with a kick. It serves up the rich, satisfying flavors of Auro 77% Couverture Chocolate combined with the depth of Batangas Barako Coffee.  Pure indulgence for pure enjoyment. We went through great lengths to ensure  that the consistency of this brew translated into a rich velvety treat beyond  words. Coffee cravings satisfied! 

Cookie Butter 

Alt Scoops’s signature creamy base with generous helpings of cookie butter  spread and crumbs. Each scoop is meant to be edible versions of the warm,  fuzzy feeling you get upon tasting Cookie Butter’s hints of gingerbread,  cinnamon, and butter combined. All that goodness complemented by the  smooth, creamy flavor of oat milk. 

Choco Hazelnut 

Made with Gianduia, this pint is deeply nutty and luxuriously dark. This is some  grown-up stuff: sweet but balanced, with an elegant, rich flavor… some might even call it Nutella in a pint.

Burnt Caramel with Roasted Pecans. 

Don’t hold back with our Burnt Caramel with generous shavings of  Roasted Pecans pint. Smooth,  sweet, and buttery (but without the butter) salted caramel topped with the delightful  crunch of roasted pecans. This flavor does not disappoint. 

     Cappuccino Crunch 

Creamy with a crunch. A cappuccino always has good balance of milk and  espresso. Ours has Italian Arabica Espresso beans and Oat Milk. Add in a little  bittersweet Auro Cacao Nibs coated in 64% Auro Couverture Chocolate, and  the flavour is truly something else. Topped with a chocolate swirl, enjoy every  scoop like you do a freshly brewed cup of joe!

Alt Scoops changes the narrative of how we perceive ice cream brands. Not only does the brand provide a healthier option for your sweet tooth but it also shows us that ice cream  can be climate-friendly too as  food has more impact on climate change than transportation. 

Overall, Alt Scoops is an ice cream brand that does things differently. With a mission to offer non-dairy  alternatives without compromising quality nor taste this brand is definitely a must-try for both vegans and non-vegans alike! Great tasting, low calorie, sustainable, and top quality –make the switch to Alt Scoops today! 

For more information on Alt Scoops and their products, feel free to visit their website and social media  pages.

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