Jollibee Foods Corp To Expand To Spain


MANILA, Philippines — Jollibee Foods Corp said Wednesday it plans to expand to Spain “later this year” and open their first store in the capital, Madrid.

According to the country’s largest restaurant operator, the store is part of the 50-store “accelerated” expansion plan across Europe.

“Opening Jollibee stores in Spain is a milestone that forms part of our vision of becoming among the top five restaurant companies in the world and part of our commitment to grow in Europe.” 

Jollibee Group CEO Ernesto Tanmantiong

Its famous Chickenjoy, spaghetti and chicken burger are among offerings that Jollibee will bring to its first store in Madrid, JFC said.

Tanmantiong added that the fried chicken segment is “underrepresented” in Spain’s restaurant scene. 

“So we are very excited to introduce the Chickenjoy we are known and loved for around the world to the people of Spain,” he said.

JFC said it aims to tap local customers in Spain, like in the UK where 75 percent of customers are British.

“Our future customers in Spain are looking to return to their normal social lives. And restaurants play a key role in that,” Business Head for Jollibee Europe Adam Parkinson said.

In order to keep up with the changing times, JFC said it would implement several changes to the Madrid outlet such as outdoor seating areas, external pick-up areas for take-away, digital kiosks and hand-washing stations.

The Jollibee Group, which is considered one of the fastest-growing restaurant companies in Asia, operates in 33 countries with over 5,800 stores globally.

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