Amál: Celebrating Effortlessly Chic Femininity Through Local Fashion

The Soleil Collection

A brand born out of childhood friendship between three women, Amál is the brainchild of Gaby David, Anya Limjoco, and Gabbie Rodriguez. At an early age, they have been traveling the world, drawing inspiration from different cultures enabling them to immerse themselves in the lifestyle of different countries. 

As a result of their early exposure to several cultures, Gabbie, Anya and Gaby founded Amál — a brand grounded in the daily celebration of creativity and confidence. Philippine born and locally produced in Manila, Amál’s vision is to create timeless pieces that look effortlessly chic while reflecting an easy and free vibe for feminine silhouettes.

Left: Women behind the brand – Gabbie Rodriguez, Gaby David, and Anya Limjoco

Each piece manufactured in the Philippines tells a love story of how fashion has strengthened the bond between the three friends throughout the years. From the local markets of India, these fabrics are thoughtfully hand selected and are brought to the Philippines. The garments would then be designed in Manila, carefully crafted by the local know-how.

The Amál essential collection for the Filipino woman is priced reasonably but released in limited quantities. Despite majority of their products catering to women, the brand has been blessed with a diverse audience which is why their collections have expanded to unisex merchandise such as sweatshirts, tote bags, and caps.

Amál Lifestyle Collection

The core of Amál is to champion creativity not only through launching new products but also to celebrate local art and culture. With that in mind, the team has developed Art for Art’s Sake (AFAS) — a means to inspire the community especially during these unprecedented times.

Left: Amál Lifestyle Collection – Art for Art’s Sake Small Logo Sweatshirt

Through tutorials, Q&A’s, recipes, workout videos, live DJ sets, and playlists posted on their instagram page, this initiative showcases authentic curated content through various mediums of artistry featuring talents of local artists and artisans.

Right Photo: Best friends turned business partners

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