Hungarian chocolatier’s vaccine bunnies offer hope for Easter

Image courtesy of Reuters

LAJOSMIZSE, Hungary — With Holy Week and COVID-19 vaccines within sight, Hungarian confectioner Laszlo Rimoczi is sending a message of hope for Easter by creating chocolate bunnies holding vaccine syringes.

Rimoczi said the vaccines, made of fine Italian chocolate and sprinkled with silver food colouring powder, signalled there was a way out of the coronavirus pandemic.

Unlike his Christmas chocolate Santas, Rimoczi’s bunnies no longer wear masks.

“There is no filling in the vaccines at all, it is just a 100% good quality Italian milk or dark chocolate,” Rimoczi said as he moulded the chocolate vaccines in his small workshop in Lajosmizse, 70 km (45 miles) south of Budapest.

Rimoczi’s business – he makes chocolate delicacies and sells them in a small shop in his house – suffered losses as the pandemic hit last year. His biggest hit yet were the masked Santas.

“For those who think … I will ruin the good mood of children at Easter, I can do bunnies without vaccines as an alternative,” Rimoczi added.

Rimoczi has registered in the government’s vaccination programme and is looking forward to getting his real COVID-19 jab but is awaiting his call up from his family doctor.

Source: Reuters

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