Luxury and Comfort for the Modern Filipina by Adore

Image courtesy of Adore

After an extremely exhausting day, there’s nothing quite like going home, taking a long shower and slipping into the comfiest outfit in your closet. Imagine lighting up some lavender-scented candles and letting it set the mood as you lounge in luxury sleepwear made out of the most delicate silk.

Adore, a local fashion and lifestyle brand, lets you experience accessible luxury by offering pieces that guarantees leaving you completely refreshed when you wake up in the morning

With the new normal shaking up our routines, though, we now find ourselves mostly just at home, a place where comfort usually takes precedence over style when it comes to our wardrobe.

But who says comfortable can’t be chic… or even luxurious?

Adore Sleepwear and Loungewear was born out of one too many days and nights spent cooped up indoors, with PJs in nonstop rotation.

Created for the modern Filipina, each Adore piece is delicately handmade using premium Charmeuse Silk, a natural protein fiber that’s woven to produce the textiles Adore uses for  clothes, beddings, and accessories.

Boasting of a smooth, luxurious surface, Charmeuse Silk is known to be one of the most expensive fabrics—and one of the most comfortable, too. It is impossibly soft and gentle on your delicate skin for the dreamiest feel and finish –giving you, your skin, and your body some much-needed love and respect—from dusk till dawn.

Stay elegant, sophisticated and comfortable even at home as Adore adds a touch of luxury to the simplest moments, transforming a normal night in—or day—into an indulgent experience.

Visit Adore to check out their other classic styles!

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