‘Give me a chance to lead’ – New PhilHealth Chief

“My job is to restore the trust of the people in the government… I am new. Give me a chance to lead.” – Dante Gierran


MANILA, Philippines — Former National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Director Dante Gierran has been appointed to lead the state insurer following the resignation of former PhilHealth President Ricardo Morales amid serious allegations of corruption and fraud.

In a statement, Gierran asked the public to give him a chance to lead saying “My job is to restore the trust of the people in the government… I am new. Give me a chance to lead.”

The 65 year-old certified public accountant-lawyer was appointed as NBI director by President Duterte after he won the presidential elections in 2016. Prior to his 4-year stint as a director, Gierran was the NBI regional director for Davao.

The newbie chief has admitted to being scared as he will take on the task of cleaning up the state health insurance firm that has been plagued with allegations of corruption and fraud, including overpayments to hospitals and procurement of overpriced new equipment.

“I’m a little bit scared… because I don’t know the operation of PhilHealth,” Gierran told ANC. “I do not know what is public health,” but said that he would bring to PhilHealth his knowledge of financial management, law, insurance, and investigation.

Gierran said he would create his own committee to investigate PhilHealth’s financial statements including its fund release to hospitals, which in some instances came before a board resolution.

“I would like to succeed… I am scared, but I am not cowed. I want to lead people. If you lead people, you set yourself as an example.”

dante gierran, newly appointed philhealth chief

In an interview with CNN Philippines, the new PhilHealth chief assured that he will not repeat the past mistakes done by the previous administration of the agency.

“One thing is sure, I will not commit the wrong that was made by the previous management of PhilHealth. We have to do the right. We have to do what is appropriate,” said Gierran. “In that way, we will be restoring the confidence of the Filipinos to PhilHealth.”

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